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Cake Stands

Cake Stands

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Further information on sizing of cakes can be found below. For alternative tier sizes and dietary options, please open the chat bubble or click here.

A beautiful, elegant and high-quality cake stand is what we need for our biggest celebration! Whether you are looking for a white cake stand for weddings or rose gold-themed cake stand for your friend’s birthday, we have it here at Black Velvet Sydney.

Your most trusted Sydney bakery offers a selection of cake stands in a variety of colours, specs, and sizes. By selecting the right colours and sizes, your birthday, engagement, wedding, or baby shower cake will stand out, sure to make heads turn during the celebration. The elevation thanks to the cake stand will guarantee its spot as the centrepiece of your event.

The presence of cake stands makes the dessert more appetising. But how about when it's time to it cut open? That’s why ordering our cake stands usually accompany cake cutting knife order. By using these high-quality utensils, you can maintain the appearance of your cake, making left order look as mouthwatering.

Choose from our delicious cake to dominate the cake stand. Name a beautifully decorated cake, our website will show it! From Princess Cakes for your female loved one, California Chocolate Playground Cake for your little one to Corporate Canvas Cake for your company anniversaries, these remarkable cakes will look better with cake stand base.

We pride ourselves in giving excellent customer service to our valued customers. If you have any questions, concerns or requests you can email us at info@bvsydney.com. For urgent cake and cupcake needs, feel free to communicate with our customer service team by clicking on the bottom right of this page.