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A birthday party experience is never complete without our candles. For an intimate celebration, or just sending that little bit extra of best wishes, your most trusted Sydney bakery offers unique birthday candles for you to enjoy. Whether you’re planning a children’s party or celebrating your 60th, our candles are something you wish for as they match any cake or cupcake perfectly.

Ranging from different colours, shapes, and sizes, our candles are the best happy birthday cupcake decorations for your much-awaited day. They add that extra excitement when you celebrate another day of living, and sure to illuminate the atmosphere of your dream birthday party.

Just in case you haven’t selected your birthday cakes and cupcakes yet, you can opt to look at our stunning collections. Visually appealing because of our master cake decorators, you can’t go wrong choosing any of these sweet treats that can go along with your themed parties. Not to mention, they are extra delicious too!

Black Velvet Sydney can create customised cakes and cupcakes depending on your requests. From the most delicious flavours to the cutest toppers, you can choose from our collection to match your themed parties. If it’s not part of the choices, especially for your desired toppers, you can always contact us regarding your specifics and let us prepare the best version of your themed cakes. You can chat with our friendly customer service team by clicking on the bottom right of this website.

If you wish to have other party accessories other from cupcake birthday candles, we have the best collection you might enjoy exploring! We have balloons, greeting cards, gift boxes and other accessories that can make your party even more memorable. For more of your dessert and party accessory needs, feel free to email us at info@bvsydney.com.