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Three-Tier California Gumball Cake

Three-Tier California Gumball Cake

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When the theme of your party is 'play till you can play no more', the gumball cake inspires childhood joy with a toy playtime gumball machine placed on top of the cake. No longer reserved to being a special present for being a good boy or girl while the family went shopping, this cake loudly declares 'We all deserve gumballs and we all deserve them now!'. The cake itself is our award winning sponge with super soft buttercream icing in between the sponge layers and sealing the cake on the outside. The top of the cake includes more buttercream swirls along with the toy gumball machine and plenty of gumball lollies for the party guests to enjoy. Of course, if there is any personalisation to this cake you would like us to make, don't hesitate to contact us with details and we will do our best to accomodate!

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Cake Size Guide and Specs

Small Three-Tier Cake
  • A Three-Tiered Cake featuring four round 9inch (22.9cm) diameter, four round 7inch (17.8cm) diameter and four round 5inch (12.7cm) diameter layers of 1inch (2.54cm) high sponge, each layer of sponge separated by our award winning buttercream icing.
  • Cake feeds 45 dessert slices or 87 coffee slices
  • Cake weight over 6.5kgs. Cake height before decorations is typically 39cm.
  • Presented on a 12inch (30.48cm) round white masonite cake board. Cake board size may change depending on add-on decorations, e.g. Cake Board Lettering. Other cake board shapes and colours available on request.
  • Typically presented in cake box 12inch length by 12inch width by 12inch height (30.48cm x 30.48cm x 30.48cm).