Refer a Friend

Give a Friend a $20 Gift & Get Up to $100 off too!

 When you refer us 1 friend and they make their first purchase through your link, they get $20 off their cake, and we will send you $20 off too!
When you go on and refer us 4 more friends, each friend gets $20 and we will send you a whopping $100 off.
Black Velvet Sydney formed in 2014 with the goal of bringing sublime dessert experiences to Sydney. We're keen to more people to experience our exceptional desserts, and so thank you for your interest in referring your friends



What will my friend get?

Esch friend you refer will receive $20 off their purchase with us. We will deliver a coupon code to them that they can redeem at the checkout.

Will my friend receive marketing emails?

Only if they actively opt-in to our marketing.

Can I gift to as many friends as I want?

Yes absolutely. Every friend you refer to us receives a $20 gift.

If I just tell my friends about you, will they get their gift?

Your friend will have to visit the site by clicking on your unique link (if you share via social media or Whatsapp they will receive that link in the share).

When they click on the click, they will land on our site where they will can add their name and email to receive your $20 coupon gift. They can copy and paste the coupon gift at checkout to apply the discount to their order.