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Your simplest self is sometimes your best self. The same thought applies to our Le Smooth Buttercream Cake. Who needs extravagant decorations when a barely frosted cake can amaze you?

Our Le Smooth Buttercream Cake is so bare that you can’t resist yourself to take a picture of it. Perfectly frosted by our master cake decorators to make it look simply elegant. No doubt, this is the best fit for different kinds of celebrations such as birthdays, weddings and engagement parties.

We pride ourselves for creating beautiful custom cakes and cupcakes. A dessert like Le Smooth Buttercream Cake is almost a blank canvas that is sure to challenge your creativity. Don’t worry, we have a custom cake gallery, which you can look at and draw inspiration from.

If you can’t find one, feel free to message our customer service team by clicking on the bottom right of this website. Please inform them about your preferred flavours and toppers. They will be your guide in creating your dream cake.  

Closely related to its elegance are semi-naked cakes, which are slightly frosted desserts that are dominating every dessert table in Sydney. Our semi-naked cakes possess a commanding presence because every detail is well thought. From the choice of colours to toppers, you can’t deny why it has been part of the cake trend for many years.

Aside from friendly customer service, your most trusted bakery in Sydney CBD is also proud to offer our efficient cake and cupcake delivery service. By delivering our delicious cakes and cupcakes on time, we are making one dessert lover the happiest. If you want to pick up your orders, you are free to visit our concept store located in Darlinghurst.