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February is here! Come and celebrate with us as we welcome 2019 with the Year of the Earth Pig! According to ancient Chinese legend, the Great Jade Emperor, the ruler of all gods within Chinese mythology, hosted a race. To finish the race and become one of the 12 animals in the calendar, all animals must cross a river. Unfortunately, the pig landed last and therefore gained the place of the last year of the Chinese zodiac cycle. Despite its reputation, the pig in Chinese astrology represents overall good fortune, wealth and general prosperity.

Here in Black Velvet Sydney, it's never too late to bring in good fortune and luck throughout the year with only the best Chinese New Year cupcakes meticulously prepared by our master cake decorators.

Our Chinese New Year exclusive treats should be on the top of your list for lucky food for 2019 starting with our very own Chinese New Year Lucky Pig cupcakes. Available in both mini and designer sizes Each box comes as an assortment of our classic Vanilla Velvet and luscious Red Velvet (chocolate) cupcakes. Topped with our signature buttercream icing, our lucky golden pearls and our intricate red oriental boar design, they are sure to be a hit that and will make everyone squeal in glee.

Take home a box of the most "purr-fect" designer cupcakes with our Chinese New Year Lucky Cat Cupcakes available the whole year round in a variety of two of our best-selling flavours: Vanilla Velvet and Red Velvet (chocolate). These Chinese New Year animal toppers not only imbibe good luck but are also great gifts to share this coming New Year!

Avoid long lines at your local bakery store and click on the shopping cart and lock in your orders now for fast and convenient online shopping. Our ever-reliable customer support is readily available to answer all your cake-related queries and take on all your cupcake needs. Start your New Year with a bang with a box of the best-tasting Chinese New Year Cupcakes only at Black Velvet Sydney!