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August 28, 2019 3 min read

R U Ok? Day 2019 - September 12, Thursday

R U Ok? Day is a national day of action that motivates everyone to trust the signs and ask are you okay? It is the day to prove to everyone that a simple conversation can change one’s life.

A small effort that started years ago, R U Ok? Day has become an event that helped, helps, and will help more people struggling with life. With different activities happening every year, it is expected that more and more people will participate in this life-changing event.

r u okay day 2019

How Did R U Ok? Day Start?

An initiative started by the late Gavin Larkin after a sad experience with his father in 1995, R U Ok? Day encouraged him to help protect every Australian from the pain he felt after his father’s death.

After he died in 2011, the legacy of R U Ok? Day continued with the leadership of his wife and other people who firmly believed in this initiative. Each year they emphasize the thought of getting connected and staying connected with the people around you helps. By letting them feel that you care can change his mindset slowly.

R U Ok? Day Simple Steps

Asking R U OK? may be a question that can change everything, but one must take into consideration the steps involved to meaningfully connect to people who are struggling with life. With mental health being a huge issue at present, our goal of minimizing suicide prevention will work if follow these steps according to their official website:

  1. Ask R U Ok?. Trust your gut if you know something has been different with a person you know during the past couple of days. Find the right timing and start a conversation that can change someone's life. A friendly and concerned approach will help.
  2. Listen. Let them express their frustration, disappointment, among other things. Listen without judgment. Don't interrupt, but please acknowledge that things seem tough for them. Allow them to think during the conversation, even though it involves silence. Encourage them to explain by asking, "How long have you felt that way?" and ask them if you interpreted their situation correctly.
  3. Encourage Action. You can encourage action by asking how would you like to help. For a person who has gone through a lot, seeing your willingness to help might change everything. Again, you can reiterate that what they are going through is hard. If you think the situation becomes tougher, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.
  4. Check In. Mark your planners or set your mobile phones and remind yourselves to follow up on someone. If they are struggling, your constant and genuine concern will make the situation lighter. Staying in touch with someone who needs guidance can make a real difference.

What Makes R U Ok? Day 2019 Special

With all the stories piling up about how R U Ok? Day changed their lives, the celebration this 2019 will be more than special. If this is your first time to hear about this event, open your eyes, and allow yourselves to be in the instrument in changing one's life.

R U Ok? Day 2019 is also an opportunity for everyone to do something worthwhile with their lives. That your simple act of opening a conversation to a friend you think is struggling can make a huge impact. Take every day as a chance to meaningfully communicate with more people and save a life who can do the same to their peers in the future.

R U Ok? Day Ideas and Activities

Get ready for a day to inspire and empower with activities that can help promote R U Ok? Day. Events such as talks, seminars, fundraising events are the staple activities during this day. Aside from those, you can make a difference by setting up a booth in front of your house. An idea that can also be a school or office activity where everyone is welcome to visit. Decorate it with eye-pleasing colors and prepare some giveaways with an R U Ok? sticker on it.

Starting a conversation with someone is quite challenging, and we think offering them R U Ok? Day Cupcake can help. You can order these cupcakes from your favourite Sydney cake and cupcake shop and spend the day giving them out within your neighborhood. You can expand this by surprising the drivers during traffic or those people walking along sidewalks. Either way, this act of kindness, with the help of freshly-baked R U Ok? Cupcakes and Mini Cupcakes will make people smile.

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