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July 17, 2019 4 min read

Wear It Purple Day is happening on Friday, 30 August 2019

Wear It Purple Day was established to show the young people that we support and embrace them, that there is always hope, and they have the right to be proud of themselves. As we continue to raise awareness about sexuality, sex, and gender identity, it is essential to embrace another Wear It Purple Day meaning, and that is to convince more people to be part of this event. 

The importance of Wear It Purple Day 2019 needs to be shared not only in the US, UK or Australia but all over the world - as this is a pressing issue that continues to affect a lot of the younger celebration because they feel left out.

They need to know that by working together, we can spark that change we need for the world that is accepting and inclusive of all sexuality, sex, and genders. You will find below the specific reasons why Wear It Purple Day is important and how every single effort can help achieve our goals, to stand up and stand out.

wear it purple day cupcakes

It Brings People Together

August 30, 2019, is the much-awaited day to celebrate rainbow youth and pride. It is the perfect time to bring people, whether it may be from your family, circle of friends, colleagues, or members of the community. By wearing purple, that means you respect, support, and embrace our LGBTIQ friends as they continue to aim for diversity and inclusion. 

You can also bring desserts such as Wear It Purple Cupcakes to raise awareness. By distributing these little treats during the celebration, you will not only satisfy their taste buds, but you successfully made a statement that you are with them and ready to be part of the change. 

Help Them Feel That They Are Not Different

If you have a brother, sister, friend, or co-worker that feels secluded because of their gender orientation, Wear It Purple Day 2019 is the perfect opportunity to make them feel that they belong. We must acknowledge their struggles and motivate them that life will get better. By being supportive and understanding about their current situation, they will not feel different and will blossom as the best version of themselves. 

Opportunity to Educate the Community

We have to admit that that still a large amount of the population is still not accepting the LGBTIQ community. Through our collective action, make Wear It Purple Day and other events such as Mardi Gras and The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia as your chance to educate people about gender diversity and inclusivity. 

You can start with your group of friends or co-workers, talk to them and ask about their opinions. You may also ask them if they have direct or indirect experiences of various forms of bullying because of who they are. Motivate and empower them that if they are struggling, believe in your heart, because the minute you do, it does get better!

It Can Change The World and Save Lives

By working together, we can achieve almost anything. For this Wear It Purple Day 2019, it is a must to go out there and show your support for our LGBTIQ brothers and sisters. You may not be a part of their community, but our friends and relatives who are part of their group need our help. Make them feel that they belong, that they are respected in school and in the workplace. Let’s work hard to grow in numbers, and change the world with whatever happens we have your back mentality! 

We can save lives by participating in various activities of Wear It Purple Day. When these people feel that a lot of people are behind them, it will be easy for them to open up and release the negative emotions that trigger anxiety. When our LGBTIQ friends are respected in school and the workplace, they will be more confident and improve their mental health. By enabling them to be themselves without judgment, they will become more productive in life. 

How Sydney Celebrates Wear It Purple Day 2019

Australia is one of the nations that continue to show its all-out support for Wear It Purple Day. Since it began in 2010, more and more people showed support for this movement towards acceptance and inclusion in schools, community, and the workplace.

Sydney has done many activities to promote Wear It Purple Day.  Live music, community barbecue gathering, information stalls, giveaways, and university talks are few of the ways to celebrate the Wear It Purple Day. During the event, not only people wear purple but also their fur babies. Absolute cuteness! 

Wear It Purple Day Cupcakes and Mini Cupcakes

Another reason why Wear It Purple Day is a much-awaited celebration in Sydney is because of cupcakes and mini cupcakes. Your favourite cake and cupcake store this year has a collection that will add more meaning to this remarkable event. 

We have cupcakes topped by Wear It Purple Logo and mini cupcakes adorned by rainbow toppers. All available in vanilla velvet and can be made vegan and gluten-free. Just inform us of your choice by clicking on the bottom right of the website or by emailing us at info@bvsydney.com. 

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