April 29, 2020 2 min read

There comes a time in one's life, typically a Bachelorette Party, when one is exposed to a penis cake. Well our Sydney cake shop is located in the heart of Darlinghurst only metres from the historic red light district of Kings Cross, so you could say we're better placed than most to deliver to you a hot-blooded penis cake and/or cupcakes.

So the question is, what type of Penis Cake or Penis Cupcake is most appropriate for you or a special friend of yours?
  • Will your penis cake have a personality, a funny penis cake perhaps?
  • Is it to be a giant penis cake or will you have a cute(?) small penis cake?
  • Will it ejaculate? Consider a squirting penis cake.

While we specialise in 3D penis cakes, we can print a penis illustration for your cake as well. You're welcome to send us any impressive penis cake images you find on google and we can include a bachelorette-relevant comment on your penis cake, 'same penis forever', perhaps? lol.

These are all serious considerations that must be answered for your penis cake! But what if you're considering penis cupcakes? You have to ask those questions for every cupcake, personalise each cupcake with your penis cupcake dreams, or ask us to give you a selection of sweet penis cupcake designs to die for!

Once you have your design finalised, think of what you are going to do with your new penis cake and cupcakes.
- We offer Penis Cake delivery all throughout Sydney or pick up from our Darlinghurst Cake Shop.
- Order your Penis Cake online by opening a chat window, or feel free to email or call us.

Are we obsessed with penis cakes, no, but it sure is a good laugh!

View Our Fancy Penis Cake Collezione Online, or open a chat to discuss your own Custom Penis Cake. 


penis sprinkle funfetti cake
penis unicorn cake sydney

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