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June 17, 2019 4 min read

I’m here watching my favourite TV shows and decided to order a dessert. While scrolling in my Facebook timeline, I saw a lot of my friends wanting to have a sprinkle cake not just for their birthday but also in the next holiday celebrations! Then suddenly I asked myself, why does Sydney love Sprinkle Cakes?

The sudden shift of interest by every Australian to different types of cakes is fascinating to watch. Just recently, there is a spike on Sprinkle cakes as they dominate various dessert tables across the country.

So I did a little research. Sydney loves sprinkle cakes because of its relevance to events such as Mardi Gras, Pride March and International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. After all, the sprinkle colours are closely similar to a rainbow.

Let’s look into what is a Sprinkle Cake, why is it perfect for many important celebrations and where can we get the best versions of this famous dessert!


What are Sprinkle Cakes?

Sprinkles are tiny bits of confectionery used as a decoration to desserts such as cakes and cupcakes. When they invade a dessert creation as a coat or as part of the inside, it is a Sprinkle Cake. Every brightly-colored sprinkle adds instant spark and happiness when applied as a decoration.

Why Sydney loves Sprinkle Cakes?

There are different ways on how to decorate a cake. For most people, there’s nothing more attractive than seeing loads of sprinkles surrounding a fabulous dessert. It’s like seeing the magic unfold when you notice a sprinkle cake or cupcake present on your dinner tables.

The cake's resemblance to a rainbow makes it an effortless standout in various Sydney celebrations.  With our LGQBT brothers and sisters so close to our dear hearts, the presence of every sprinkle cake can light up the room immediately. This type of cake is a perfect match will all your colourful outfits to celebrate equality and diversity.

Why is Sprinkle Cakes perfect for many Sydney celebrations?

What makes Sprinkle Cakes popular is its versatility to fit almost any kind of celebration. Who doesn't love a Sprinkle Birthday Cake? Perfect for any age, turning a year older with this whimsical cake is a dream for every sprinkle lover!

A sprinkle design is also associated with confetti, which brings us to celebrations such as the 4th of July. There’s nothing more attractive than a  cake base with sprinkles and a sparkling topper! Feel the energy of the 4th of July with this eye-catching dessert.

Aside from rainbow cakes, sprinkle cakes are also popular in different Sydney holiday events such as Mardi Gras, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia and Vivid Sydney. Because of the cakes resemblance to a rainbow, people all over Sydney joined the craze in getting Sprinkle Cakes and Cupcakes as their official dessert.

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Regardless of the theme, these events will always pair up with rainbow and sprinkle-themed cakes and cupcakes perfectly. By allowing as many colours to appear on these desserts, it shows how much we value inclusivity, especially with our LGBTQ friends.

Sprinkle Cake and Cupcake Ideas

Sprinkle Cakes and Cupcakes can come in different designs. Some prefer to fill the dessert with sprinkles while others would want it placed in a specific part. Based on our current cake and cupcake creations, we created a list of Sprinkle Cake and Cupcake ideas just for you:


Pink Sprinkle Cake

Everyone will agree with how sprinkles fit a cake with pink and white buttercream icing. Perfect not just for birthdays but also for baby showers, the glorious sprinkle finish with a cute balloon will make the celebration memorable.   


Blue Sprinkle Cake

What blends perfectly with pink? Every blue sprinkle cake that arrives on every dessert table is a head turner. What about a combination of pink and blue with sprinkles in the middle, isn’t that wonderful? Sprinkle cakes are often designed to impress the clients, and your most trusted Sydney bakery will make sure it will happen.


Corporate Logo Sprinkle Cupcakes

There are different ways on how to make your corporate logo cupcakes exciting. Some may insert additional toppers that represent them as a company, while others prefer adding more colors to match their business aesthetics.

Today, most companies prefer their cupcakes to be as colorful as possible. There's no better way to achieve this by having a Corporate Sprinkle Cupcake ready to impress whatever celebration. By adding sprinkles to your cupcake mean you support everyone involved in the company, and you are optimistic of what will happen in the future.

Where to order my Sprinkle Cakes and Cupcakes?

If you are planning to look for the best cake and cupcake shop in Sydney that offers Sprinkle Cakes and Cupcakes, then you might just found the one. Here at Black Velvet Sydney, we offer delicious desserts designed according to our valued guests’ requests.

Our Sprinkle Cakes and Cupcakes, along with the rest of our meticulously-crafted dessert creations continue to impress not just our customers in Sydney, but also Australia-wide. You can always contact us by clicking on the bottom right of this website or via email info@bvsydney.com for more of your cake and cupcake needs.

There’s no doubt why Sydney loves Sprinkle Cakes. They add an appealing element to the current roster of cakes in the world of desserts. Will they maintain their popularity in the coming years? It’s too early to find out. For now, let’s enjoy the presence of Sprinkle Cakes and Cupcakes to our respective birthday, baby shower, and holiday celebrations.

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