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November 25, 2019 3 min read

Go the extra mile in surprising your clients, staff, and co-workers with Black Velvet Sydney’s Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas. As your favorite cake and cupcake shop, expect the sweetest Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas ready to impress the people in the corporate world. 

Why cakes and cupcakes as a corporate gift? Because it is the best employee appreciation gifts. Our desserts are beautifully packed with our signature box, looking festive and elegant, sure to match the personality of every recipient. Eager to know which of our delicious cakes and cupcakes are perfect for your clients and colleagues? Check out our Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas below.

christmas cakes and cupcakes

The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Clients

How many clients have you worked with this year? Whether they left a good or bad impression with you, it is still a winning act to surprise them with a sweet present. Our Corporate Logo Christmas Cake is the perfect holiday dessert for your clients. When you order this cake, you can send their logo at info@bvsydney.com. 

A small and bite-sized version, Corporate Logo Christmas Cupcakes and Mini Cupcakes are also a good client Christmas gift. As a salute to your partnership, you can have alternating logo toppers of your company and theirs. When a client sees these cupcakes on top of this office table, he or she will be more excited about your collaboration in the years to come.  

gingerbread house christmas cakes

Business Thank You Gifts

Every business, big or small, has loyal clients that work for them. This holiday season, it's time to grab the opportunity to reciprocate their hard work through a sweet surprise. Why not consider sending our Christmas Holiday Cupcakes and Mini Cupcakes to them. You will not only make them happy but their respective families who will surely enjoy the mouthwatering treats. 

Adorned with festive Christmas cupcake toppers, sprinkled with edible green and red holiday glitter, these treats are indeed the perfect employee holiday giveaways. This season of giving, don't hesitate to show your heartfelt gratitude to every individual who made your year amazing. 

How was your relationship with your business partners and suppliers during 2019? It’s time to express your gratitude and at the same time, enhance your company’s image by giving them a Gingerbread House Christmas Cake. Your company and business will surely be remembered once you surprise them with this holiday cake creation masterpiece.

christmas tree cupcakes

Great Holiday Presents for Co-workers

Choosing for cool thank you gifts for your colleagues might be a challenge for some. But here at Black Velvet Sydney, we make sure you will have dessert choice that will match their taste. If you want to make it funny, you can choose our Grinch Cupcakes. A perfect representation of your worry-free work relationship, making everything light despite unfortunate circumstances. 

Our Christmas Tree Cupcake is also a good holiday surprise for your colleagues. Traditional design but still possesses that wow factor to let your co-workers feel the love. They are not just valuable to the success of the company but also to your friendship and mental health. Without them, you might be as happy as you are now. 

christmas cupcakes sydney

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Running out of client gift ideas this holiday season? We can make things a lot easier with our Christmas cakes and cupcakes collection. If you want to incorporate some of the trending Christmas designs as of the moment to the dessert, don’t hesitate to inform us. Start by messaging our team at the chat bubble below. We will instruct you to send a photo, and we will try our best to recreate them for you. 

Aside from the best Christmas cakes and cupcakes, we also have a gallery where you can check our dessert creations. After the yuletide season, you can contact our store for cakes and cupcakes for your birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and corporate events. You also have nothing to worry about when it comes to our delivery service. Our team assures you all your orders will arrive at your location safely and on time. 


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