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August 01, 2019 3 min read

Things You Should Know About Daffodil Day

After Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, Cancer Council will celebrate another event that raises life-saving funds for Daffodil Day 2019. For a cancer-free future, let’s join forces to raise awareness, volunteer, and donate. 

Daffodil represents hope, which means every effort and ounce of generosity will help fund groundbreaking cancer research and eventually save more lives. If this celebration is new to you, then you chanced upon the right page. We will thoroughly explain what is Daffodil Day, when do we celebrate it, and why? 


What is Daffodil Day?

Daffodil Day is the Cancer Council’s most significant and much-loved fundraising campaign. It is an opportunity to gather every Australian to go out there and join different events that will help raise funds for cancer research. 

With 145,000 Australians affected by this disease, every effort exerted to promote this event is essential. We can start by convincing your family and friends to donate. You can also initiate a fundraising event such as a morning or afternoon tea gathering in your local communities and workplaces. 

When is Daffodil Day 2019?

This August 23, 2019, Friday is Daffodil Day, a remarkable event that aims to raise funds for cancer research. It’s the day for every fundraiser and volunteer to look for new members and contributors for support.

To achieve this, they conceptualise and execute activities to attract more people. These events will be the spark of gathering more people to donate as we draw closer to a cancer-free future. 

Possible Daffodil Day 2019 Events

As the celebration continues to grow each year, more and more ways are observed to raise funds. Daffodils are sure to be the flower day, why not have your version of Garden of Hope.

Weeks before the event, prepare your garden daffodils, just in time for it to fully bloom during on August 23rd. You can ask a donation for every individual who wants to view your garden of hope. The amount you raised here can be donated straight to Cancer Council. 

Take this opportunity to give back to your loved ones. With a lot of volunteer groups around, you can buy and dedicate a daffodil for them. By doing this, you make a person smile and donate for a cancer-free future at the same time. Just be sure to double-check if these volunteers are connected to Cancer Council or any affiliated institution.  

Why Celebrate Daffodil Day 2019?

Celebrating Daffodil Day is the perfect way to help every individual affected and is currently battling cancer. Participating in different activities, initiating your fundraising event, and donating to the Cancer Council are all a tremendous help to further cancer research.

The public show of solidarity is the main reason why we are getting closer to that aim of having a cancer-free future. Let's hope the support continues to grow each year not only in Sydney but all over Australia and the world. 

Daffodil Cupcakes As Your Dessert

Aside from the mentioned activities, you can incorporate the presence of desserts to raise cancer awareness. Your most trusted Sydney bakery offers Daffodil Cupcakes that are perfect during a morning tea and a giveaway during Daffodil Day. Available in Vanilla Velvet flavour, these delicious treats are topped with buttercream icing and daffodil cupcake toppers. 

During this highly-anticipated event, we hope you can find some time to donate or have a simple activity to raise funds. Gather your family, friends, and colleagues, and make a promise to have something donated at Cancer Council before the day ends. There’s no harm in working together to achieve a cancer-free future. 

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