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October 29, 2019 3 min read

Movember, a global movement which started 15 years ago, was originally just a fun idea. Since then, it has touched the hearts of many people and helped fund more than 1000 men’s health projects. 

In Australia, it has been a celebration that has been big in the past few years. But not all are still aware of its presence and ultimate cause. Some people still wonder why their social media feed is filled with moustachioed men -this is the perfect time to educate them. Here are the reasons why everyone should celebrate Movember

Movember - Honorable Cause

Honorable Cause: No-Shave November Story

You should celebrate Movember because of the story behind it. Men show their support by forgoing shaving and grooming in a month. Seeing a person with a growing mustache will invite curiosity to a lot of people, which leads to life-changing conversations that can help the lives of many. 

Movember - Remove Male Stigma

Remove the Male Stigma

Most people think that men should always be rough and tough. That they can address and solve any problems by themselves. But that truth is not. Men are also vulnerable and have the right to talk about their struggles. Movember is the perfect opportunity to help every man who is suffering from prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health.

Movember - Help Save Lives

Help Save Lives

Celebrating Movember does not only raise awareness but also save lives. Aside from physical health, the event also focuses on mental health and suicide prevention. If these reasons cannot convince you to take part in this global movement, we don’t know what will.

Volunteering and participating in Movember festivities mean one thing - you are among those people who care about helping people. You believe that by working together, we can reach our goal quicker. Let’s work hard in sharing Movember not only in social media but also in our respective social circles. 

Movember - Opportunity to Team Up

Opportunity to Team Up 

Just like most of the life-changing activities in Australia, Movember is also the perfect time to team up with the brightest minds. Take this as your opportunity to collaborate with the best researchers and experts in Australia or your country. Let's help prove an initiative inspired by a passion for change can come a long way.

The combination of different minds working towards a common goal can lead to progress. You can also start to initiate a social media movement with your friends and colleagues to further raise awareness about this worthy cause. There's no right time to translate knowledge into action but now.

Movember - Be a Hero

Showcase Your Creativity and be a Hero

Collective effort is the reason why Movember has become the most prominent men's health movement in the world. It has become an opportunity for everyone to challenge their creativity in coming up with activities that will engage more people. Whether you want it to promote at home, school, community or workplace, creative, and informative activities are always a must-have. 

One sweet activity you can do is by ordering moustache-themed Movember cupcakes and send it to your workplace. Surprise them with several boxes of Movember Mini Cupcakes and explain to them the reason why you did it. Educate them about the event and influence them to donate to help every man suffering as of the moment because of poor health. 

Your effort alone is coming up with activities to promote Movember is enough to be a hero. You allowed yourself to be one of the brains to help increase awareness of men's health and raise funds. And for those who participated and will participate in Movember festivities, you just proved that you care.

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