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October 08, 2019 4 min read

Melbourne Cup 2019 is racing on November 5th! While everyone is busy preparing, why not fill your mind with interesting facts about the Race That Stops The Nation?

Whether you are a new or veteran spectator, we know bits of information about Australia’s most popular horse race can spark more interest. The list below may also help you bet on the right horse, who knows? 

melbourne cup facts

#1 The Melbourne Cup’s First Run 

Melbourne Cup’s first run was on a Tuesday in 1875. The race may be more than 100 years ago, but the level of excitement will always be the same. 

#2 Melbourne Cup Race Record

 What’s the fastest time record for the Melbourne Cup? Say hello to Kingston Rule (1993). Ruling the race with 3 minutes 16.30 seconds, and still holds the all-time Melbourne Cup record. 

#3 Because Women Can Do It Too!

Claire Lindop is the very first Australian female jockey to ride in the Melbourne Cup. She rode an unplaced Debben in 2003. But it was Michelle Payne who made a huge mark, as she was the first female jockey in the Cup's 155-year history to win the prestigious race. Riding that Prince Of Penzance to victory, she was able to inspire more female jockeys to join the sport.

#4 Youngest Jockey To Win

Age doesn’t matter, even in the Melbourne Cup racing world. Not even a teenager, Peter St. Albans aged 12 years, 11 months, and 23 days old at the time, is still the youngest jockey to win the race.

#5 Least and Most Melbourne Starters 

Did you know that in 1963, there were only 7 starters in the Melbourne Cup field? A far cry from the highest starters recorded last 1890 with 39!  Today, the number of horses in the field is capped at 24. 

#6 Melbourne Cup Saddlecloth Statistics

Betting on the right Melbourne Cup horse can be based on luck. But relying on statistics and trends will not hurt! 

Numbers 4 and 12 are the saddlecloths that won it the most with 11. While saddlecloth number 1 is not far behind, winning it 10 times. In terms of the most popular weight, 54.5kgs emerged victorious the most with 8 wins. In the meantime, you might also want to bet on six-year-old horses - 11 of the past 19 winners were, including 6 of the last 8. 

#7 Male or Female Horse?

If you want to know which between a stallion and mare has dominated the Melbourne Cup more? A female horse named Maykbe Diva ruled to race track 2003, 2004 and 2005. Since then, it was all stallions.  

#8 A Winning Colour Pattern?

Aside from the horses, you might also want to pay attention to what the jockeys are wearing. Statistics say, more winning racers wore black as their main colour. Other popular colours that pulled off a win are navy blue and royal blue. 

#9 Tightest Melbourne Cup Finish 

Dunaden’s 2011 Melbourne Cup win over Red Cadeaux took officials over five minutes to decide on the winner. Guest how? Via photo! A photo finish for Dunaden, indeed! What an experience for all the Melbourne Cup race spectators that year. 

#10 Melbourne Cup Day Attendance 

How popular is Australia’s biggest horsing event? Though Melbourne Cup’s attendance went down last year 83,471, the lowest since 1994 which recorded 74, 843 attendees, the event is still undeniably popular. From 2005 - 2015, the number of spectators never went below 100,000. The event’s all-time high was recorded last 2003 with 122,736 attendees. 



Melbourne Cup Fact

First Melbourne Cup Run

1875, on a Tuesday

Melbourne Cup Race Record

3 minutes 16.30 seconds (Kingston Rule, 1993)

First Australian Female Jockey

Claire Lindop (but the first to win is Michelle Payne)

Youngest Jockey To Win

Peter St. Albans (12 years, 11 months, and 23 days old)

Number ofMelbourne Starters

Least (7 in 1963)

Most (39, in 1890)

Saddlecloth Statistics

Numbers 4 and 12 have the most wins

Winning Horse Sex

Mare (Female Horse) dominated last 2003-2005. Stallions ruled since then.

Winning Jockey Clothing Colour


Closest Melbourne Cup Finish

Decided by a photo in 2011 (Winner: Dunaden)

Most Melbourne Cup Attendance

122,736 (2003)


Melbourne Cup Fashion on the Field

Melbourne Cup Fashion Trend

Did you that Fashion on the field started way back in 1962? Another event most Australians look forward to because of the opportunity to showcase their fashionable outfits. If you want to know the top 10 outfits from last year’s Melbourne Cup, check out this article by Business Insider Australia. 

Melbourne Cup Cupcakes

Melbourne Cup Cupcakes

If you are planning to celebrate Australia’s favorite horse race with something sweet and according to the theme, Black Velvet Sydney cupcakes are your best choice.

Melbourne-cup themed cupcake toppers adorn our freshly-baked treats -  having them as you cheer for your Melbourne Cup horse can bring you some good luck! Available in Vanilla Velvet flavor, you are still a winner no matter what after tasting our mouthwatering desserts. 

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