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November 11, 2019 5 min read

Rejoice! Wherever you are in the world, there’s no doubt Christmas is one of our, if not our much-awaited holiday! Kids await their presents while adults can’t wait to reunite with their friends. After a long and busy year, Christmas is the time we can bond with the people we love. 

Sydney and Australia as a country love celebrating Christmas because most of us see this as a time to be with our families. They also think this as the perfect opportunity to do something good and be thankful. For our Catholic friends, this is their time to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. With all the positive experience knocking during the holiday season, are there specific Christmas activities that can make the season more special? 

 Christmas Activities Budget

1. Set Up a Budget 

The holiday season can also serve as a temptation to spend more than what's needed. But the holiday season can also serve as a temptation to spend more than what's needed. But remember, despite all the Christmas deals and discounts at the malls and online stores, you need to have a priority list. 

You should set up a budget that can buy all the things on your priority list. May it be for presents, your food this Christmas, or for other relevant activities, be aware that you have a budget. It’s okay to spend a bit more, but remember, the feeling of having enough money come January is a great feeling. In short, watch your credit cards, purchase only what's needed or a bit more, and not overspend.  

Christmas Activities Buy Your Presents Earlier

2. Buy Your Presents Earlier

If you want to avoid all the stress brought by the holiday rush, it’s best to buy your presents earlier. As much as we prefer to avail of all the possible discounts as Christmas Day approaches, it’s better to save our energy and avoid chaos. 

Make an effort to make a list of your recipients' weeks before Christmas. This will serve as your guide when purchasing gifts for the people you love. May it be buying at the malls or through online stores, if you already have a list of your recipients, it will make your life easier. 

Christmas Activities Cupcake Surprise

3. Cupcake Surprise

Everyone loves a sweet surprise. Before the holiday break, try to make your friends, colleagues, and neighbours happy. Show your gratitude by treating them with a box of delicious Christmas cupcakes. Topped with festive Christmas toppers, holiday treats will surely not disappoint in spreading the love this Christmas season.

Christmas Activities Volunteer

4. Volunteer to Help the Unfortunate

The Christmas season is a perfect opportunity to help the people in need. Some people may prefer to rest during these times, but you can make it more productive. Choose to be a better person and make your holiday break memorable by giving back. May it be in an organisation for the elderly, abandoned children or the sick.

During your visits, be the person who sparks nothing but positivity. Be with them as they celebrate their much-awaited holiday. Before leaving, you can donate through cash or by sending them your old clothes. We assure you that coming back to school or work the next year, you are the happiest person sharing what you've done during the break. 

Christmas Activities Music

5. Listen To Good Christmas Music

Nothing beats the feeling of celebrating the holiday season with Christmas music in the background. Whether you are decorating, cooking, or simply chilling at your living room, the presence of Christmas music makes everything better.

Play your favorite CD or connect those Bluetooth speakers to your mobile phones and listen to relaxing Christmas music. It’s like the perfect sound as you reminisce about all the things you did this year, and the moments you had with your loved ones.  

Christmas Activities Movie Night

6. Christmas Movie Night

If this isn’t part of your holiday tradition, I guess it’s time to consider it. The fun element of having a movie night is incomparable. Not only you can watch your favorite movies, but you also spend some quality time with your family. After a busy year full of work, finding time to have a movie night with your family this Christmas is a perfect stress reliever. 

Make the Christmas movie night even more fun with exciting activities. Treat this as a small party with your relatives and closest friends. This tradition will not be the same without the best holiday desserts. To entertain the mouths of both the kids and adults, you can bring bite-sized Christmas mini cupcakes.   

Christmas Activities Fitness

7. Fitness Time

Not all people can maintain their fitness throughout the year. Reasons may include too much workload, family time, and more. But this holiday season, there should be no more excuses if you want to exercise and be healthy. Remember, Christmas time is mostly about food. We have to find a way to stay healthy despite all the mouthwatering food surrounding us.  

Find your inspiration to be fit and healthy. You can start by going for a morning jog. Appreciate nature and forget all the bad memories you had this year. Enjoy this habit and bring the energy to more days, weeks and months. 

Christmas Activities Spa

8. Trip to The Nearest Day Spa

Reward yourself with something relaxing this holiday season. You’ve worked so hard for yourself, family and relatives - why not treat yourself for an hour or two? After an exhausting year, your body must be aching. You need something that can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Go to your nearest day spa and avail of their pampering services. The effects of massage are more than physical. Research suggests that they can improve our sleeping habits, boost our productivity, and help our overall mental health. 

Christmas Activities Games

9. Fun Christmas Games 

Reunions, family gatherings, and friendly dinners are coming. If you want these celebrations to be more fun, why not be the person who initiates to conduct Christmas games. Gone are the days when Christmas eve is all about just eating, it usually has an exciting twist to it. Think of your participants and see which games they will like the most. Then it’s up to you to be creative and add elements that would make everything joyful and lively. 

Christmas Activities Reach Out

10. Reach Out to Someone Lonely

Not all people are in a festive mood this Christmas. They may be happy on the outside, but struggling on the inside. Since it’s the season where everyone is on a holiday mode, it triggers their sadness more. So what can we do to help? Learn to reach out to your family, relatives, or friends who are lonely. Let us not wait for huge events such as R U Ok? Day to help. Everyone deserves to be happy, especially this Christmas season. 

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